Eclipse Parking

    RP2 parking space rental information

Spaces are available monthly. They also rent weekly if they are not rented monthly. Rented spaces are offered to current tenants before they are offered to other Eclipse residents. RP2-402 is available for all 12 months, while RP2-283 is available for only 11 months each year.

To reserve a space, I will need $130 before the first of the month. Check with me to see if it can be . . .
1 - left in an envelope with the EAST concierge,
  * * * or * * *
2 - mailed to . . .
David Rathgeber
123 Lakeshore Drive #1845
North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
  * * * or * * *
3 - deposited at any SunTrust bank, but you will need my account number.
  * * * or * * *
4 - through Zelle - Most banks have this, but it needs to be set up. Quick and free.

Public service note . . .
If you are renting a space, be sure Eclipse management has a record of your car make, model, and color; along with the parking space number and your name and unit number. Suggest you advise Yelba and the Concierge.

Other options . . .
Retail parking on P1 (not Harris Teeter) has been free (no towing) to Eclipse residents from 7pm Fridays until 7am Mondays. This is likely still correct, but it bears checking.

Commercial parking is available at the Colonial Parking garage through the entrance on 35th Street. When last checked, the monthly charge was $125. Click for a photo of their sign.

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            $elling an Eclipse Condo?

Let 10,000 Realtors know that you really DO have a garage!

Here's an important tip for Eclipse sellers: Be sure to ask your Realtor to send you the MLS report titled Agent One Line showing your condo, and double-check that a 1 or 2 shows up in the "Total Garage Spaces" column.

Entering a garage into the MLS is so tricky that up to 50% of our condos for sale with an existing garage, do not show it in this critical report. Consequently, a Realtor searching for a condo with a garage (a must-have item for many) will not even see your listing in their search results.

This can be a major problem even if your garage was "entered" into the MLS and might appear elsewhere in other reports or websites. Since well over 90% of homes are sold through the MLS, and the Agent One Line is the very first screen in Realtors' searches, showing your garage there is critical. Only a Realtor can check this for you; you cannot do it online!

A BIG advantage: Parking space flexibility

If you have only one parking space, it will be an advantage if you can offer two spaces to prospective buyers. I have an extra parking space that could be offered to buyers who need two spaces.

If you have two parking spaces it could be to your advantage to offer only one. This could be especially important in negotiating with a buyer who does not want to pay your full asking price. In this event, I would buy your second space, and you could reduce your price accordingly.

Please note that I have experience transferring parking spaces from one Eclipse unit to another.

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